It’s February now and a full month of our new year has gone by.

How did you use your January?

Did you wrap up last year’s books? Ideally, it got started in December, but with holidays and schedules, maybe it didn’t get complete. Finish your year end Profit & Loss statements for each brand or entity, to prepare for tax season.

Did you layout your calendar and plan for the upcoming year, plugging in known dates, commitments and events? Did you schedule the milestones for your major goals?

Manifestation involves taking action towards that which you want to draw in.

January is a good time to do these sometimes tedious tasks because the weather keeps us inside more, providing the perfect environment to rest, like a hibernating bear, to plan and prepare for Spring’s bloom.

But suppose you’re not happy with what you’ve accomplished in January. 

Happy February! Kung Hei Fat Choi, another New Year Celebration! Start again. 

It may seem like there’s 11/12 of the year remaining, but consider that there is 11/11 in front of you. There’s 100% of the year left. Play accordingly.

There are plenty of opportunities to start again, if you are willing to look outside the box. There are fiscal years and quarters, lunar cycles, solstices, holidays and so many other ways to mark time. Don’t’ get hung up on just one.

Every day is a opportunity to start anew. You get to create the game you’re playing. That includes the timeline. Choose one that will help you win!

Just because you may have gotten off to a rough start doesn’t mean you give up the fight. In Taekwon-Do competition, at the end of the first round you get the current score, and a minute or so, with your coach. The second round is informed by all this, but still played full out. There’s 100% of the match left, no matter how many points either player has going into the second round.

That reminds me of a strategy I used when I was competing. I’d stick with all body shots during the first round, then when they weren’t expecting it, I’d switch to my beloved head shots in the second round.

But I digress, it ain’t over till it’s over and it’s never too late to start again. Remember, there’s 100% of the game left and what matters is what’s in front of you, not what you’ve left behind.

Share below, what did you focus your energy on in January? What goals are you working towards now?