Spring has sprung! After a few false starts, it feels pretty much like summer here in Southern California during the day. The season is only betrayed by still cold nights. I’m learning again how our human rituals, (even administrative ones!) relate to nature’s seasons. This wasn’t always apparent to me when I lived in the city, where productivity is generated no matter what the season or circumstance. Out here in the country though, things are different. Life here demands that you listen to nature.

I’m about to put business plans into action, when the yard blows up, demanding my attention. Grasses and new growth are everywhere! Even the chickens started laying again. Spring into action, indeed! I see now why Spring and Fall, our action seasons, are also verbs!

Dome Asylum eggs

Chickens are laying again!

Most of us have had some relationship to Spring Cleaning. Maybe it wasn’t in the house, but in the yard, for some of you guys. (I didn’t really have outside chores with 3 younger brothers.) Maybe Spring Training is your first sign of Spring. When I lived in the city, for me, it was the surge of get-ready-for-summer ads and articles.

Winter’s dormancy gives way to new life as the earth moves into it’s own production season. Coming from the short, dark days of Winter, Spring’s warmer temps and longer days wake Mother Nature up, and she gets right to work, putting on fabulous displays of color and new life.

And so it is with humans. Winter’s dormancy allows for introspection, planning and grounding oneself. We spend Winter in our own version of hibernation, involving the wrapping up of the previous calendar year and making promises for the new one. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the days are warmer and longer (thank goodness!) and it’s action time! Thus the Spring training of whatever variety, be it beach body, or baseball.

The Vernal Equinox, or Spring Solstice, is a great time to start new projects, ideas or ventures.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Easter, with all its symbols of fertility, happens at this time of year. The animals are getting it on like Marvin Gaye, and there are baby chicks at the store. (country living reference.) Get ready for those summer sundresses, fellas. They’re coming out of their closets too.

Dome Asylum

Baby chicks from the store.

This is the real opportunity of the season. A chance to regroup, restart and spring forward! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from the spring puns.) The calendar has us setting goals and making resolutions in the middle of Winter. Why are we surprised when we fall short, a month or two later?

Our days are longer because there’s more to do! Dust off those New Years resolutions and see which ones still inspire you. You may be surprised to see what results you get with a Spring start date.