We just booked our first wedding at the Dome Asylum and so many people are congratulating us, which is great, it’s always nice to receive acknowledgement, but I know that some people just don’t see all the work we’ve done to get to this point.

They say things like “Wow, it manifested just the way you said.” Well, yes, but not exactly.

Manifestation occurs through commitment, action and perseverance.

D. Sardinas

Things are manifested through action, commitment and perseverance. The truth is, this accomplishment has been a long time coming, and that’s what I want to talk about. So many times, we see someone’s success and it seems “overnight”. It almost never is.

When I started four years ago, my idea of turning the Dome Asylum into a bed & breakfast and event space seemed far fetched, but little by little, I kept working on building my vision.

I learned a couple years in, that some of my friends thought I was crazy, and it wasn’t just my friends who thought that. Other people talked trash behind my back, and even my lawyer tried to talk me out of it.

They didn’t have to believe in, or even be able to see my vision, as long as I did.

And it took many firsts to get this far. Our first room rental, our first house rental, our first private event, our first B&B guest, and now our first wedding. (Pro Tip: Set yourself up with small wins along the way!)

I remember watching an awards ceremony years ago, and unfortunately, I don’t recall who it was, but it was an older black woman winning a music award. She took her time getting up to the podium, and when she got there, she said “It took me over 40 years to climb those steps.”

And it struck me, life’s big games are marathons. Sure, there are times to sprint, but the Big Game is a marathon. You just have to keep running, because anyone who finishes a marathon, in my opinion, is a winner. (Unless you’re an athlete/pro-runner, then you probably have a much different game!)

So my friend, if you have a dream, believe in it and don’t be deterred!

Do you have a story of a time when you wanted to quit, but persevered instead, and the difference it made?

Share it with us below! You never know who you’ll inspire.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Napoleon Hill