What you focus on expands. So pay attention to where you’re putting your attention. 

This is super clear to me, especially now, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur with many different projects rotating through my mind. Where I put my attention, is where the growth happens. 

Managing the Dome Asylum, The Punkin Project, the AnomaR Festival, and trying to finish my own web site, has me rotating focus from project to project.

Right now, my focus is on the Dome Asylum. It’s Spring and there are lots of projects to manage around the property to get us ready in time for the peak Summer/Fall season. 

I’m just coming off my deadline-inspired focus on The Punkin Project and the 27 page Mutant Vehicle application for Burning Man 2019. I love deadlines. They help get things done.

Coming up on my radar, and my calendar, is all things AnomaR. We’re about 6 weeks out now, and it’s about time to amp up marketing and production efforts. 

Unfortunately, that leaves my web site as the only project without a milestone, or deadline, on my radar. I did have time set aside to focus on building my website at the beginning of the year, but since I wasn’t accountable to anyone but myself, my window was closed by the arrival of Spring at the Dome. Like I said, deadlines are good.

Juggling my focus in this way may seem overwhelming to some, but this is actually how I prefer to work. For most of my life, I’ve never had one full-time job. I’ve had several part time jobs. Having a variety of work, and being able to interact with different kinds of people, has always made me the happiest. 

But you might ask, wouldn’t having so many goals or projects scatter energy or focus? Well, yes and no. 

What you focus on expands, and where your attention goes, results follow. It’s important then, to have clarity around your goals. Having clarity will make it easier to make decisions. You may need to say no to things that are not in line with your objectives. Focus on the results you want, and use them as a measuring tool to decide on the actions you will take, or not. 

With all this action around me, I need to be clear about what I will take on  and what I need to say no to. I know that i do not have room at this time to take on another project. Which incidentally also means I don’t have room for new coaching clients at the moment. I’m looking to take on new clients this Fall.  

It may like a lot to keep track of, but in truth, I only focus on one project at a time. It’s discipline that allows me to focus my attention on one project at a time, methodically and thoughtfully rotating through each project on my radar. 

I would suggest limiting major focus areas to three, and certainly no more than 5. The size and nature of the projects will determine how much you can take on. 

So? Do you have an experience to share about being multi-focused? Does it work for you? Why or Why Not? Share your story with us below. Thanks!