Ohashi first presents the idea of less is more (my words, not his) in reference to the physicality of giving shiatsu treatments. He, being small and weak, adopted the principle of non-resistance from his Aikido practice. I am familiar with the idea. The most effective Hapkido techniques I know work best when the practitioner relaxes and does not try to use force against a stronger opponent. Counterintuitive at first, but extremely effective.

He also talks about how being lazy distills his efforts and makes him more productive over all and I am reminded of the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. Examples of this are everywhere if you look for them. Tim Ferriss also advocates doing less and achieving more in his book that I am (still) reading, The 4 Hour Workweek. I know from my Taekwon-Do practice that there are not just dozens, but hundreds of techniques that one must study in order to become a Master and yet, you would only use a few, a handful, tops, in real life. Some even say (and I would agree) that a front kick and a punch are all you need.

I read Ohashi’s book inside my intention as a healer and most importantly, he advocates being over doing. Specifically, not to concern yourself too much with getting the technique exactly right, but rather focus on being present with your partner in it’s delivery.

It happens to be Christmas season and I’ve been considering how to decorate the Dome. I remembered the era of my childhood when I would describe the holiday decor as “Christmas-threw-up-in-my-house.” (Ah, the charming language of teenage me.) The decor of my childhood has since evolved into a few beloved and beautiful pieces that convey the holiday spirit and still leave space for you to breathe.

If you ask my mom about the new look, she’ll list a  bunch of reasons for not busting it all out, and one of them is the amount of effort it takes to pull everything out of storage, just to display it for a short time, and then pack it all away again. I would never call my mother lazy, except in this case. I will and I applaud it!

During the holiday season, the lesson of less is more, is more important than ever. We’re encouraged to consume more food, buy more gifts, give and get more stuff. I usually end up guessing at what my family members might want or need and feeling pretty confident that my choice(s) will only add to the clutter in their basement, attic or their life.

What happened to the concept of quality over quantity? I’d rather have that pair of diamond studs I’ve been craving, over a full set of matching jewelry I won’t wear. I’ve been called Spartan before and I take it as a compliment. Sure I like Christmas and it’s decorations, but what I love is the smell of a Christmas tree and the twinkle of Christmas lights. The Disney snow globe? Not so much.

So there it is, like the holiday decorations in the attic, take what you like and leave the rest. Sometimes less is more.