Happy Birthday

Like Frosty the Snowman, I count New Years’, the start of Spring, and birthdays as opportunities to check in with myself, to take stock, make plans (and adjustments!) My birthday falls close enough to mid-year  that it’s a good time for me to check in with business and financial goals. Mid-year is also a good time to check in with new years’ resolutions (if you have any left), but everyone can use their birthday to do a physical inventory of their health.

  1. Schedule a regular check-up with your doctor. Remember those? I think outrageous medical bills have scared people from going to the doctor regularly. They’re called well-patient visits now and they’re mostly free. (Thanks ObamaCare!) Get yourself checked out. Let them draw some blood, run some numbers and have peace of mind, or not. Maybe you do get some bad news, but now you can be proactive and make informed choices.
  2. If you wear corrective lenses of any sort, your probably already go to the eye doctor at least once a year to maintain your prestriction. This one can be quite expensive, so if you’re not having any trouble, you’re probably OK checking in less frequently.
  3. Don’t forget those choppers! They recommend a dental cleaning every six months, but if like me, it gets away from you sometimes, you can always use your birthday as a reset button!
  4. Lastly, don’t forget about your sexy bits and reproductive health! Yes, that means GYN visits, mammograms, prostate and PAP exams. Oh, my!

That’s all for now. I hope you liked my idea of scheduling your body for a tune-up after each revolution around the sun, but however you do it, make sure to take care of you!