Starting a gratitude practice the same day the second COVID-19 Stay at Home order goes into effect is an interesting juxtaposition. I mean, I just had to cancel the Dome Asylum’s reservations for the next 3 weeks. Yet, I can find joy in supporting my local go-to spot for burgers, Up the Hill Grill, imagining a car hop service while eating my lunch in their parking lot. 

So, what am I grateful for? I’m grateful for learning to go with the flow.

Since the first shut down in March, I’ve been forced to work, and live, more in the moment. My usual plans, goals and deadlines, fell to the wayside in favor of maintaining the flexibility to roll with the pandemic’s punches. With so much uncertainty in the world, and its constantly changing guidelines and restrictions, it’s very hard to plan or to predict what will be possible next month, quarter, or year. 

So being like water, my friend, allows us to navigate through our ever changing landscape, with the least amount of resistance. I’ve learned to let go of doing and focus more on being, a very challenging task, without the opportunity to really stop the ride, clear your mind and focus on your own behavior and actions. The pandemic offers us that opportunity.

I’ve spent most of my life producing results in a very linear, traditionally masculine manner. (Hello, TKD and NYC!) When I moved to SoCal, my intention was to learn to produce results in a more feminine manner, creating and holding space, allowing and receiving. 

It seemed strange, with the world seeming to fall apart around me… a deadly global pandemic, a heartbreaking social justice movement, and an extremely volatile political environment, that I’d seen so many Angel numbers, or signs. Seeing them repeatedly reinforced that I was on the right path, doing the right things, taking the right actions, even when that was resting (aka doing nothing) or making the time for just a little bit of yoga. 

The signs came from who I was being, not what I was doing. So my intention of creating in a more feminine manner is manifesting itself, and it’s because the pandemic is shutting down other channels. Ain’t’ that some ish.

However, I still noticed myself being listless, irritable and downright bitchy. Not so fun, but often funny, I’m not quite ready to turn into a cranky old lady just yet.

So, I thought of doing one of those gratitude challenges. I let November start without me, and Thanksgiving came and went. But as I’ve been learning to go with the flow, and receive gifts in their own time, I happened upon an open invitation to a gratitude group! Which inspired me to share my thanks, and my journey for the next 28 days, with you. Stay tuned!