I just got paid!

I just received the first check for my coaching services. So let me share with you what I did for Fabrication Solutions.

I began coaching the owner, around his business starting in 2015. Starting with what was working and what wasn’t, I helped him create clear goals for his business and determine the actions to reach them. Working together, we increased his business revenue 8 times between 2015 and 2019.

Some of the things we worked on were:

  1. Communication – Developing phone skills and best practices for returning calls and messages 
    • Creating systems to handle written communications
  2. Mindset – Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  3. Marketing & Promotion – Creating brand awareness
    • Online – Identifying low or no-cost opportunities to create an online presence utilizing local search engine listings, review sites and a website.
    • Print – Implemented a marketing campaign with business cards, yard signs and vehicle magnets
  4. Finances – Choosing and setting up billing and accounting systems

He now enjoys a great reputation with his customers and loves running his business. 

“I used to have to convince customers that I could do the job, now they call me asking when I’m available and what forms of payment I accept!”

Owner, Fabrication Solutions

I can say his level of professional satisfaction and accomplishment have gone through the roof, and that has affected his health and vitality. Ailments that used to bother him regularly, are now either no longer an issue or greatly diminished.

Everyone is different, and every business is different. You may or may not be facing the same circumstances… knowing that you want to strike out on your own, but not sure how to do it… growing from being underemployed and underpaid to profitable and prosperous. What’s the biggest challenge facing your new business? Could you use someone in your corner to help you get clarity and focus?

Share your story with us below. If you figured something out, share it. If you have a question, share that too, and I’ll do my best to answer.