I just got an email welcoming me to 2019. In February. At first glance, it seemed they were just very late in their marketing campaign, but then they mentioned Lunar New Year. Touché. I only skimmed the rest of the letter, but I did open it, even thinking that the company had experienced a tech glitch that sent this email to me in February vs. January. Maybe I was hoping to catch them with their pants down, so to speak.

Last week’s post, There’s Still 100% Left, talked about freeing yourself from constraints of a traditional calendar and mentioned the lunar year as a possibility. Was the sender of this email a reader of this blog? Who knows, probably not, but it got me thinking, that there are clear benefits to following this train of thought. So here they are:

Top Benefits of Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum (or creating your own calendar).

  1. It Sparks Curiosity – Getting a New Year’s message in February or a Christmas wish in July draws our attention. Out of curiosity, maybe even a morbid curiosity, we’re intrigued and maybe even a little excited to catch someone’s mistake. It’s the old made-you-look game. Not a bad way to grab someone’s attention and maybe even get them to open your email, or click on your post.
  1. You Stand Out in the Field – Holiday messages are a good example to use here. Almost everyone sends holiday messages, some companies have moved to New Years greetings to avoid the question of religion all together. But honestly, there are so many messages at that time of year, many coming from friends and family that I actually want to hear from, that no, I’m not going to open your Happy Holidays email, but I did notice you sent it. Thank you, and the 100’s of others too. So why not celebrate another time that has significance to you? Really, you are probably not the only person with your perspective, but may be just the only one to act on it. You will find your people who will appreciate your voice!
  1. It Creates Authentic Connections – When you choose to follow a different path, choose to do so mindfully, in a way that reflects your values and lifestyle. Just like choosing a bookkeeping method has to work for the way a business keeps its books, a marketing calendar has to be authentic to the person following it. No sense in having an Easter sale if you don’t believe in Easter. Offer up a Spring Equinox Sale or blessing.When you do this you also connect with your audiences on another level, one that’s more personal. Of course some calendars just make sense and depending on your career area, it may not make work to follow another timeline. Certainly if you work in business or finance, you need to be aware of the fiscal calendars, but a lunar calendar wouldn’t make as much sense. Although there are over 2 million results to a search for “lunar finances”. 

Remember, you get to create the game you’re playing and that includes choosing your milestones. So let’s hear it. How do you choose to mark time? What kind of calendars and timelines work for you?