Do it now

Every once in a while you get a profound piece of advice, and one of the most powerful tips I ever got, was to immediately take the first action whenever a decision has been made.

For example, considering we just celebrated New Year’s, you may have decided as a new Years’ goal, that you’d like to lose weight. To do that, you also decide that you need to join a gym. Right then and there, call a friggin gym, or at least schedule the call/visit, and I mean actually put it into your calendar. Remember, if it isn’t in writing, it isn’t happening. 

Taking action sets the wheels in motion. It lets the Universe, or whatever you call it, know that you’re serious about your desires and it also creates momentum for your new project.

It happens all the time, and you’ve probably experienced it yourself. People come together, brainstorm a great idea, and then nothing happens. Perhaps they never intended on taking action, but mostly that’s not true. People get stopped by fear. They get stopped by all sorts of things, but it all boils down to fear.

I’m currently working with a group of artists putting on a new event. One of the lead team members has been holding back and I was having a hard time understanding why.  At our last meeting, she voiced her concerns. She’s worried that we won’t be able to host the event successfully and her fear is keeping her from fully committing, which ironically, will have her concerns become reality.

I, on the other hand, have already invited my parents to come to CA from NY.

So I listened to her concerns, and I get it. One of the most popular excuses for not taking action, and one that I can completely relate to myself, is perfectionism, but done is better than perfect. We can always learn from and improve our efforts with each attempt, and it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission anyway, right?

Action is the cure for doubts and concerns. For all of you who study and practice the Law of Attraction, taking action, as I mentioned before, lets the universe know you mean business. The universe will align itself with your efforts, bringing you all kinds of information, people and opportunities to fulfill on your intention. Without action, it’s not clear how to support you.

It’s really as simple as taking one action and then another. Sometimes you can’t tell what’s next until you’ve taken care of the thing right in front of you. That’s okay. Take the next action, see where that leaves you, then decide what’s next. Do that and keep doing that until your goal is achieved. Simple, but not easy.


If you’re interested in taking action to create change in any area of your life, keep an eye out for my new group coaching program with it’s Beta launch next month. I can’t wait to play with you!

What games are you playing? What actions are you taking? Let us know in the comments below.